Realm of Indistinction

Here is what I learned this last week or so. I’ve been spending a lot of time with astronomy and topics surrounding theoretical physics. So I got to thinking. Is it possible that the creation event wasn’t a one time occurrence? That it continues on as driven within the framework of energy and matter? 

In descending order: Molecules-> Atoms -> Electrons -> Quarks -> Leptons & Gluons -> Strings (super symmetry; 11 dimensional space)
As open and closed types of string forces move in and out of existence from other dimensions, they’re driven by a type of source that has remained in perpetuity. Meaning, there is a constant or eternal source independent of time in order for matter and energy to remain together or structured as they are.
Universal objects which took millions of light years to get to here are a completely different time reference which no longer exist as they were. Atoms with components that orbit a center nucleus are of the same type of model as galaxies and solar systems (i.e. quantum & universal). Relatively speaking, the scale between the two are immense, but the design is common.
As the universe continues to expand, it accelerates (!). However, from a point of reference that originates energy and matter, position is still relatively insignificant as compared to other dimensions that exist also.
What God put into existence has a natural and ongoing bearing on how we understand reality is formed. I suspect that what’s behind Strings in other dimensions is God’s eternal ‘voice’ that set and keep particles we measure in place regardless of scale.
The difference between the physical, the spirit and the soul for example. All reside as one within a range of moment slices (time), but two are eternal (i.e. independent of time) and not subject to decay or entropy as that which is within space and time. 
When God ‘spoke’ creation into existence (to speak implies a physical effort), it wasn’t a one time occurrence that lasts. What was spoken is still spoken and continues to propagate as that source of energy or spirit. Not as God spoke (past-tense), but that I AM’s spoken creation is sustained from a ‘place’ of continued tense independent of time.
The spirit and soul exists in a more pertinent reality as compared to our physical being. We live among counter-parts of ourselves which we can’t see. Much like what energy source exists that serve as structure behind strings that reach into other dimensions.

od is spirit. God is extra-dimensional. God does exist. God is everywhere at once.

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