I have come to learn that the possibilities for creativity are endless. There are numerous beautiful and wild places to see, explore and stir inspiration within. That to find your way in the wilderness is also to find yourself or something more meaningful about life. Through the effort and risk of exploration there is pain, suffering and times of sheer exhilaration. The net outcome is a positive experience that lasts and inspires an adventure minded person for a life time.
James Austin
I have also come to understand that new experiences among places explored does not have much value in terms of achievement, notoriety or status. It is what those experiences does to you that holds value. They bring humility and an awareness of your place in this world that is unmistakable. That you are mortal, a passing vapor and temporary. To experience the discomfort of freezing cold, blistering heat, new heights of fear, risk, exposure to predators, disorientation and getting lost, altitude sickness and plenty other hardships that balance your achievement with an awareness of your place in life.

Right out of high-school I joined the U.S. Air Force and served as an electronics tech on F-15 fighter aircraft. During that time, I have seen alot of Europe. Rock climbing in Luxembourg, hiking in Italy, backpacking in Germany, mountain ascents in Switzerland and Austria have all had an influence in life. Much of my time was devoted to the Navigators, a Christ-centered ministry.

After the military and my time with the Navigators, I enrolled in a private technical college and in four years earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. Several years thereafter, I earned a Master’s degree in Business from Pepperdine.

Sierra Nevada
It was during college that I picked up this interest in wilderness and outdoor places. As a natural extension to that, photography. Over time, I’ve hiked many wilderness miles, backpacked numerous places and climbed dozens of mountains. I’ve grown to really love the wilderness.

New events and chapters of life come and go. As accomplishments, new endeavors, or changes come about, they may sometimes get posted here at this site. Much more often than not this site is merely about an outlet to record personal thoughts, interests, and content that appears as an extension of my thinking, mood and aspirations. Much of this content is private and behind secure areas on an outside server, but much of it is public for those who wish to visit from time to time.

Thank you for coming to visit this site to view my experiences. For having a look at the photographs which appear here. Thank you for reading the words and thoughts I have brought together. It is with gratitude and excitement that I am certain there is always more to see and do. More to experience and love what we are given.

In Christ,