Displayed here are some featured and higher resolution images selected from among numerous wilderness locations explored over the years. Images which are generally themed by subjects to include forests, cascades, canyons, weather, lakes and many more. Click to zoom and view your selected image.

Bad Bokeh

While trying out the NIK Collection, I came upon many image processing capabilities that are pretty useful. These are a few highlighted screenshots of a small creek in Yosemite. They are totally new to me, so it will take some time to get familiar with them to put them to better use. So from among the many functions and capabilities, this is an example of a Bokeh effect without using a Bokeh lens, per se. While this is a bad Bokeh image, it’s to give an idea about what these filters and processors are.

Experimenting with Google's NIK Collection

Experimenting with Google’s NIK Collection

Google NIK Module

Google NIK Module

Google NIK Collection

New Canvas

This is a photo I took of Castle Rock with the mid day sun bearing upon it. After taking some more advanced lessons in Photoshop, I learned how to paint with light. That is what it took to say something visually more than what the harsh light washed out. Not completely satisfied with the results, but it is a learning experience nonetheless. I am getting better at handling my images with light and color composition.

Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Visual Bearing

After a few more lessons about processing images for better resolution, expression and range, I’ve further experimented with large photos in both raw and jpg to see what would happen. Under different lighting conditions and color depths. With a few images, some of the adjustments were over pronounced and edited, but the exercise was largely about seeing what the tools would do along with their visual effect.

In this image of Yosemite Valley, the subtle changes made were around light intensity, shadows, highlights, and exposure. Nothing added or removed from the original composition.

Most of all, a key principle I’ve learned is about where a scene begins. What meaning and intent is meant or said at the outset in a visual way. From there, the creative process extends to a crafted image that leads a viewer wanting to be there or wanting more.


Road Less Travelled

A more mobile photography set up is coming together for on-the-go image captures, storage and processing. Largely to involve Adobe Creative Cloud, this new 4K laptop, my mobile Android and a spare drive with the large collection of photos on it. Many of them which have not been published or processed. This is posted by a laptop and more remote connection.

So as an experiment, I’ve brought over images that were uploaded from this laptop to see how the process works, to check results and to learn how to do this in the best way possible. To see how feasible this is as a viable alternative to desktop publishing that normally happens.

Highway 395

Highway 395

Simple Pleasures


Today I experimented with a new camera to see what it could do. The colors and variety of subjects were a learning experience and I very much enjoyed what images I captured. -Miranda

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