Cascade Cliffs

Cascade Cliffs in Yosemite Wilderness

A small yet popular slice of Yosemite wilderness. Below Clouds Rest with Little Yosemite Valley, Cascade Cliffs, Bunnel Point and Liberty Cap in the foreground. A well trodden place by people who have overnight permits to explore and experience Yosemite. The bottom most part of this photograph is Little Yosemite Valley with the Merced River which runs through it. The route to Half Dome runs through here. Probably one of the most photographed areas of Yosemite.

Under Grey Skies

Marble Fork of the Kaweah River

Even under grey skies, the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River gives a most beautiful view of natural order. After decay, forceful winds, raging storms, and harsh exposure, every element comes to settle in a most restful way. Where there is peace and perfect solitude, or where there is uncertainty and restoration. Where the heart grows full by closely listening to what such a place would say.

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