A Route Far Less Traveled.

Far Less Traveled

A route far less traveled. A path much less followed. Along the ridge from one summit to another. Much of it technical terrain with loose boulders, shifting rocks and large vertical slabs. The topology is with steep relief and contours well above tree line. Not many living creatures up there at about the 13,000 feet […]


Precipice Lake

At Kaweah Gap, there is this widely familiar monolithic and natural structure along the route. A few days casual hike into the wilderness. Along side Precipice Lake is this standing cliff just below its immense rocky ascent above. From one side of the lake or the other, a place to fall for or a place […]

Deep Forest

Forest for the Trees

This is why there is sometimes the false choice of seeing the forest through the trees. To dismiss detail, beauty and a way to go. Where there is shelter, safety and acuity in the detail. The forest gives context, situational awareness and bearing. There is just as much unseen here as there is seen and […]

Still Waters

Fresh Perspective

Still waters in Yosemite. On a clear and beautiful day. Even after you have visited so many times, there are always fresh new places to learn more about. The farther and wider spread you go, the deeper the wilderness captivates the heart. “The true ownership of the wilderness belongs in the highest degree to those […]

Running River


Here I am at a random location along the Merced river in Yosemite. The surface of the river is fully felt whether it’s rushing, or calm yet moving with purpose. Not only as a natural occurrence, but as life giving waters. To see, hear and feel the river as it runs by, it also runs […]

Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Castle Rock stands in prominence across from Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. High above the Kaweah River, it is a visual formation that stands out and comes into view for miles. Aesthetically, it presents a character and vertical profile that attracts climbers and explorers from all walks of life.

Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder

Sitting at these places at length in silence, I contemplate what they are and what they do. So I am nourished and made well. Because of God’s everlasting kindness and indwelling Spirit within me. When we are born, there are three components to our being. Our body, our soul and our spirit. These three are […]

Standing Out

Standing Out

Sometimes you come upon someone or something that stands out. To make an impression, to influence, or to say something of meaning. By its own being, by what it does or what it says, there is clear purpose. Creation as it exists gives full awareness of life, its source and what it supports. “Because that […]