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Author and developer of Exavius.com. Owner of a small and incubating technology company. With personal interests posted here which include a range of topics on faith, family, music, technology, photography and wilderness exploration. For many years I have explored the Sierra Nevada and its surrounding areas. Most exploration in Western and Northern Sierra to include Sequoia National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite.

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Storm Front

This photo captures the onset of a storm front coming in at about 8,000 feet or so. Below are the Western Sierra foothills. The jet stream from the Pacific Ocean brings storm clouds onto the Western face of the Sierra with some reach farther inland. With less obstruction to explain why there is much more growth, vegetation and forest life on the Western slopes. As compared to the Eastern side which is more exposed and barren at higher elevations. The Eastern Sierra largely produces its own weather from temperature inversion and high pressure build up.

There was one time necessary to squat upright inside my tent with an insulated pad under the balls of my feet. Touching nothing, hands out, without anything conductive nearby (carbon fiber poles). With a surreal atmosphere, overhead lightning and ground strikes passing by one after another. Compared to that, rather encounter a curious brown bear, or cross a rough river any day.

Follow the Shadow

Up on the side of a mountain somewhere. So many times there is a trail that heads in a direction that winds through a descent. So many times the cross-country travel to navigate a shorter route turns into a full-on hand-over-hand scramble. Not so good when that happens because it can get tough to retrace your route in reverse if you get stymied.


The affect light has on color varies by its intensity. The surfaces and shapes of natural objects can give out shades of beauty that illuminate the soul. It often has much to do with being in the right place at the right time. Or by bearing the cost and risk to put oneself in a position of the moment. To capture what the experience has to say.

Remote Area of Giant Forest

Remote Area of Giant Forest